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In accordance with the requirement of Chapter 7 "Disclosure of information about the transmission of values in favor of specialists and health care organizations" code of good practice of the Association of international pharmaceutical manufacturers (AIPM), "Chiesi Pharmaceuticals" LLC publishes on its corporate web site information about all the paid to specialists and health organizations.


Honest and open relationships between pharmaceutical companies and healthcare professionals are the key to successful long-term partnerships and guarantee an impeccable reputation. Disclosure of information on payments will demonstrate the legitimacy of the company's relations with specialists and to healthcare organizations, is based solely on business need, the development of science and innovation, transparency of intent, concern for the welfare of patients.


In the preparation of the document information and document to the disclosure were used the techniques described in the AIPM Code, Questions and Answers Chapter 7.


Read the information about all the paid to professionals and healthcare organizations, has granted his consent to disclosure on an individual basis or disclosed on a General basis, subject to compliance with the provisions of the current legislation on protection of personal data:


HCPs+HCOs 2018_ June_2019

Publication of information on the transmitted values is made in order to disclosure of all payments made directly or indirectly to address professionals and healthcare organizations with which "Chiesi Pharmaceuticals" LLC, has entered into a contractual relationship in the reporting period.


Individual disclosure is only to those recipients who provided consent to such disclosure, "Chiesi Pharmaceuticals» LLC subject to compliance with applicable laws on personal data protection.


The information is presented solely for the purpose of review and may not be used to carry out any further actions for the data processing specialists and health organizations.