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ООО «Сhiesi Pharmacuiticals» is the Party of the Code of Good Practice in the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Whereas Russian law does not directly regulate certain aspects of the relationship between drug manufacturers and the various categories of buyers of medicines;

Whereas the existing codes of practice in the pharmaceutical industry regulate only certain areas of activity of medicine manufacturers;

Whereas the Parties are endeavoring to create uniform, transparent rules of engagement for entities operating in the pharmaceutical market;

Whereas medicines are classified as technologically sophisticated products, the Parties shall endeavor to comply with the applicable rules of good manufacturing practice, storage and transportation of medicines, proper practice in the sale of medicines, and other standards of the pharmaceutical industry;

Whereas in the act of supplying medicines, the Parties to the Code are aware of their responsibility to society in healthcare and take all the measures necessary in order to successfully achieve its primary goal: to help improve the health of patients through the development and delivery to the pharmaceutical market of modern, safe and effective medicines;

Whereas the Parties to the Code are willing to have transparent, honest and mutually beneficial relationships that do not restrict competition with business entities engaged in the purchase of medicines;

The main objective of the Code is self-regulation of the pharmaceutical industry in the Russian Federation, as well as the establishment of fair, open and honest rules of competitive cooperation in the pharmaceutical industry.

ООО «Сhiesi Pharmacuiticals» independently developed a document regulating the procedure for working with Buyers. ООО «Сhiesi Pharmacuiticals» undertakes to inform potential buyers about existing commercial terms of cooperation with customers upon request.