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Chiesi Group pays great attention to the safety of its products.

Following ethical principles and Russian legislation requirements, Chiesi Group collects and analyses information on adverse events, as well as maintains effective cooperation with regulatory authorities in this field.

Timely detection of adverse reactions and their reporting to Regulatory authorities allows for analysis and, based on its results, development and practical application of measures intended to prevention of adverse consequences of drug therapy, enhancing its safety and, therefore, patients’ quality of life.

In case of any adverse event that occurs while taking a medication of Chiesi Group, please complete the adverse event notification form form-notice and send it by e-mail pharmacovigilance.ru@chiesi.com or by fax + 7 495 967 12 11. All the information you provide will be kept strictly confidential. You can also contact by calling the number +7 495 967 12 12 or + 7 968 867 53 56.

document Notification_form emailpharmacovigilance.ru@chiesi.com fax +7 495 957 12 11 phone +7 495 967 12 12, +7 968 867 53 56