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The success of the company development and promotion of our products also depends on the well-being and satisfaction of our employees, and Chiesi believes that one of its tasks is providing its employees with valuable benefits, which meet the needs of each of us.


We offer successful candidates and our employees:

• Competitive salary

• Quarterly / Semi-annual and / or annual bonus of up to 30% of annual salary

• Opportunity for professional and career growth, training and development

• Full social package guaranteed by law

• Corporate car, mobile phone and computer (according to company policies)

• Voluntary health insurance

• Casualty insurance, life insurance

• Participation in the program "Variable privelege" (compensation for sports, medicine or education expenses)

• Participation in the program "Employees' long-term motivation programme" (getting bonuses for work experience in Chiesi)

• Additional types of vacations

• Additional payments up to 100% of salary for temporary disability leave

• Annual salary review



Chiesi realizes the key role that life outside work plays in maintaining the general level of well-being and satisfaction of our employees. We try to provide an atmosphere of support in which employees have the time and opportunity to achieve a balance between personal and professional life. We aim to be a reliable and the best employer, that's why we invest serious resources in creating comfortable conditions for the work of our employees and constantly expand and enrich the social package with additional benefits.